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Crab Bisque jumbo lump crab meat. 8 Baked Brie arugula, shallots, wrapped in a puff pastry with a raspberry & port wine reduction. 10 Fried Calamari Fried Shrimp tossed with fried jalapenos, marinara and caper tarter sauce. 9 Fried Shrimp tossed with fried jalapenos, cocktail sauce and caper tarter sauce. 17 Crab Cake cajun aioli, and asparagus salad. 11 Pepper-crusted Filet Skewers frites and creamy horseradish sauce. 14 Gourmet Crab Mac & Cheese baked rigatoni with smoked gouda, sharp cheddar, cooper american and jumbo lump crab. 13 Lamb Lollipops grilled lamb with au poivre. 21 Steak Spring Rolls Cooper American cheese. crispy fried onions and spicy ketchup. 10.00 Mussels . . . Belgian: PBC Walt Wit, herbs, celery, shallots, lemon-butter. 13 Provencal: applewood smoked bacon, red sauce, bell peppers, herbs. 13 Latin: chorizo sausage, jalapenos, red wine tomato broth 13 Russian: vodka cream sauce, tomato, shallots 12